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Nanjing Qinheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology-led technology enterprise, and its core business is the design of intellectual property rights related to integrated circuits. Today, with the rapid development of the information industry and increasingly fierce technological competition, the high-tech and humanization of products has become the development path respected by technology-based enterprises. Qinheng people who stand at the forefront of science and technology are well aware of this concept. Increase investment in R&D technology and the establishment of R&D system to develop with technology. At present, the company already has a number of patents and proprietary technologies and copyrights, and many IC products have been rated as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City. Professional technology still has to rely on good quality to ensure that the company has now passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. With leading technology and excellent quality, the products have been unanimously recognized in various industries. The goal of Qinheng people is to produce first-class products and be an excellent enterprise. The company will always be committed to providing customers with excellent products and application solutions with advanced technology and caring services. About products Around the core business, Nanjing Qinheng Electronics Co., Ltd. cooperates with many professional companies at home and abroad to provide productized integrated circuits with independent intellectual property rights and related overall application solutions. Qinheng Electronics' product positioning: simple, easy to use and professional. Qinheng Electronic's technical services and application solutions cover electronic circuits, microcontrollers and DSPs, programmable devices, computer hardware architecture, computer BIOS and system software, especially in the interconnection and interoperability of electronic products and computers, and the underlying software and hardware of the computer. Professional technical service. The advantage of Qinheng Electronics lies in the seamless connection and collaboration, mutual penetration and mutual conversion between software and hardware, and thus provides a professional and cost-effective overall application solution.
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