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Shenzhen Dipu Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest design and sales enterprises in China engaged in low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO), MOS tube, power management IC and power semiconductor devices, specializing in various power management ICs and power semiconductor devices Design, production and sales. Since its establishment, Dipu has developed rapidly, and its products have covered power management ICs (lithium battery charging IC/LDO IC/low voltage detection (reset) IC/DC-DC boost & buck IC/white light backlight IC/voltage reference source IC/voltage regulator IC/DC-DC universal conversion IC, etc.), MOS tube (low voltage MOS/medium voltage large current MOS/high voltage MOS), IGBT, EEPROM IC, audio amplifier IC, clock calendar IC, LED driver IC, high voltage switch Hundreds of models including many types of transistors. "Quality First, Customer First" is not only the business purpose of Dipu Company, but also the foundation of Dipu's continuous high-speed development. We highly value the opinions of customers and try our best to meet customer requirements from beginning to end. We have always believed that quality is the first duty of all our colleagues, and have always been proud of Dipu's strict quality management system.
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