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Magsonder (21)

Moshang Electronic Technology Magsonder Innovation Co., Ltd---- is a high-tech enterprise established in September 2014, located in the first batch of high-tech industry demonstration parks approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government-Minggu Science and Technology Park. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly energy (electromagnetic) technology, and adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation, focus, and reliability"; it is mainly engaged in the technical research and development of electronic electromagnetic products, focusing on high-efficiency magnetic components, energy harvesting self-generating modules, Products such as wireless charging equipment currently have 6 patents of various types. At present, mature products have various specifications of integrated inductors and NR inductors, especially large-size (13*13 or more) power inductors, which are particularly advantageous, and are widely used in consumer electronics/industrial control electronics/automotive electronics and solar inverters, etc. industry. The company regards employees as the company's greatest wealth. While the company is growing, it provides employees with professional knowledge training and promotion opportunities, and provides employees with a stage to give full play to their talents.
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