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Littelfuse (990)

Since Edward V. Sundt founded Littelfuse in 1927, we have always adhered to the path of innovation and development. Sundt invented the first small fast-acting fuse, which can prevent the sensitive tester from being burned. From the groundbreaking first step, the company has repeatedly become the industry standard in the field of circuit protection. In the 1960s, we developed a variety of subminiature fuses for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which are vital components of the US space program. In 1976, we pioneered the development of Autofuse? fast-acting fuses for General Motors. In just 8 years, the design has been widely used in all vehicles worldwide. In 1986, we revolutionized the space-saving MINI? automotive fuse. Its smaller design provides superior protection for in-vehicle electronic components. Recently, we newly introduced the world's smallest high-inrush current protection thyristor-Teccor? Q2L series "Class C" SIDACtor? device. We are constantly setting new and higher standards for ourselves. As a global leader in the field of circuit protection, Littelfuse has nine core technologies and Teccor?, Wickmann, Pudenz and other well-known brands in the industry. In addition, our business spreads all over the world. Every day, we are making strategic acquisitions, strengthening relationships with customers, and making the most of the most growing Asian markets, thereby contributing to our success. In all these tasks, our new brand will play an important role.
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