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Lite-On Group was established in 1975. It was first started with the production of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In 1983, it was the first to promote the listing of stocks. It owns the first listed electronic company in Taiwan. Lite-On Technology stock code "2301", which is It symbolizes the pioneering spirit of being the "first" in the domestic information technology industry. Lite-On Group's parent company, Lite-On Technology, is the first company in China to manufacture LED products. For more than 30 years, in addition to devoting itself to optoelectronic components, it has continued to expand computers and digital homes, consumer electronics, communications products, and key components. With the sub-system, and gradually stepping into the 4C field such as automotive electronics, it has a decisive position in the market; in addition, Lite-On also has excellent R&D and design capabilities, and provides customers with a choice of one-time purchase through comprehensive product services And become the first choice for ODM/OEM cooperation suppliers of international big manufacturers. In 2002, it was the first to promote the merger of four listed companies. In 2005, the third year after the four-in-one, the global consolidated revenue reached NT$227.5 billion, and the revenue of the Taiwanese parent company also reached NT$1262.8 billion; To shape the corporate image of "Quality Growth", not to pursue the growth of turnover as the main goal, to actively make strategic adjustments to the company's product line, at this stage focus on high-margin products, including: imaging products (Imaging), power supply (Power Supply), enclosure products (Enclosure), LED and other four core businesses as the main development axis.
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