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JST (1934)

JST's headquarter is located in Osaka, Japan, and its full name is Japan Crimping Terminal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1957, Mr. Takahashi Takahashi, the founder of the company, named the "solderless connection terminal for energization" as "crimping terminal" and started the production of the first batch of crimping terminals in Japan. The name of the crimp terminal was thus popularized in the Japanese connector industry. Japanese Industrial Standard JIS has the specification and name of "Crimp Terminal" from the product name above. With the rapid development of Japan's electronics industry, the "connection technology" that started with crimp terminal production and mass production has become even more powerful, and the product line has continued to achieve significant development. The field of connection technology is constantly expanding, and it has been involved in the manufacture of crimping machines, crimping tools, crimping machines, etc., as well as the manufacture of continuous terminals and various connectors. Some of its products are technologically advanced and have maintained a top ten position in the world in the industry, with a global production, R&D and service network.
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