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EATON (19)

Eaton entered the Chinese market in 1993 and established its first joint venture. Since then, it has rapidly developed its business in China through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and sole proprietorship. In 2004, the company's Asia Pacific headquarters moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai. In 2009, the company's new Asia Pacific headquarters building in Changning District, Shanghai was officially completed and started.

Today, all Eaton’s businesses have manufactured products in China, including: uninterruptible power supply systems, medium voltage switch panels, switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers, assemblers, electrical automation systems, automotive air conditioning, power control, soft and hard pipe assembly Controllers, clutches and brakes, engine valves, hydraulic presses, transmissions, hydraulic hose assemblers and adapters, pilot control valves, impeller pumps, and power systems.

The investment in China has ensured Eaton's sustainable development in this dynamic market. Thanks to mergers and acquisitions and the growth of its own business, the company has achieved its 2010 sales target of US$1 billion in the Chinese market.
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