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Coilmaster (127)

Coilmaster Electronics (founded in 1995)-specialized in manufacturing various passive components, such as SMD inductors (SMD power inductors/high current inductors), also known as chip power inductors/power inductors/high current power inductors , Vertical inductors (vertical inductors) Common mode chokes, transformers, LAN magnetics. We also continue to improve product quality, aiming to provide customers with a variety of options. To provide our customers with various types of power inductors, the best magnetic and inductive services and value is our vision. Surface mount power inductors include-closed magnetic circuit inductors (shielded power inductors) non-closed magnetic circuit inductors (non-closed magnetic circuit inductors) semi-closed magnetic circuit inductors, high current inductors (molded POWER CHOKE) closed Magnetic circuit inductance, power inductor and SMD common mode choke. Vertical inductors include: (lead inductors)-toroidal inductors, vertical inductors, common mode chokes, choke coils, power chokes, RF chokes. LAN Magnetics includes-LAN filter (LAN transformer) RJ45 Jack, RJ45 with transformer, RJ45 Jack, communication transformer and high frequency transformer.
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