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In 833, a pair of brothers founded Cooper with their own surnames, which went through 175 years of ups and downs. Today, Cooper Industries is a Fortune 500 company known as a global manufacturer and service provider of power electronics and tools. Cooper Industries was listed in 1944 and is now one of the oldest listed companies on the New York Stock Exchange and is included in the S&P index. The company's revenue in 2007 reached US$5.8 billion, of which about 34% 'S sales share comes from overseas markets outside the United States. Cooper Industries is headquartered in Houston, USA, with more than 31,000 employees and more than 100 production bases on five continents. At Cooper, success not only means product quality or market share, it also means satisfying customers, maintaining a safe workplace, retaining well-trained employees, obtaining good shareholder benefits and rewarding our employees’ lives and work. community. While we seek new markets and customers around the world, we also maintain our excellent manufacturing tradition.
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