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Xi'an Ansende Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ansende") is a semiconductor company focusing on the development and sale of high-performance, high-quality analog integrated circuits. The technical team of Ansende is composed of senior experts who have worked in the top semiconductor companies in Europe and the United States. Ansende's general-purpose analog IC products have excellent performance and excellent quality, and can be widely used in smartphones, PADs, digital TVs, DVDs, digital cameras, notebook computers, wearable devices, stage audio, mixer equipment, and various consumer products. Electronic products and automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, test instruments and many other fields. Looking to the future, Ansende will be market-oriented, driven by innovation, and serve customers. It will adhere to independent innovation, continue to develop higher-performance analog integrated circuit technologies, and launch internationally-recognized technologies in terms of performance, power consumption, and reliability. Leading level, a new generation of analog IC products with strong international competitiveness and good industrialization prospects in quality, cost performance, technical support, etc., strive to become the world's analog chip industry leader.
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