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In 2008, Sun Hongjun led the establishment of Shanghai Aiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Aiwei is a company focused on mixed-signal, analog, RF and other IC design, focusing on high-tech consumer electronics such as mobile phones, wearables, smart hardware, IOT, etc. the company. Since the establishment of the company, Aiwei has been adhering to the concept of "customer demand is the only reason for Aiwei's existence, and a high-quality team is Aiwei's greatest wealth". It is close to domestic mobile phone design companies and quickly launches new products. Among them, customer coverage ranks first, and efforts are being made to catch up with international brands. As Aiwei continued to develop brand customers, Aiwei successfully listed on the New Third Board (code NEEQ: 833221) in July 2015. Since its listing, it has been widely used by many domestic brand mobile phones. Since its establishment in 2008, Aiwei has applied for more than 50 patents and obtained 23 patented technology authorizations, and has received more than 80 integrated circuit layout registration protections. Currently, there are more than 50 types of chips with independent intellectual property rights. As a fabless chip design company, all of our products are produced by outsourced entrusted processing. The suppliers are mainly TSMC, CSMC, Unisem, ASEN, Changdian Technology, Changdian Advanced and other well-known international and domestic manufacturers. In order to ensure first-class quality and quality, we have implemented strict quality control procedures for the production of outsourced products. In December 2009, the company passed the SGS certification of the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.
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