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ANPEC (42)

Anpec Electronics Corp. (Anpec Electronics Corp.) was established in October 1986, with the mission of enhancing the domestic Power Analog design environment and establishing independent simulation and power-related industries. Mainly engaged in analog <Analog> integrated circuit design, testing, production and marketing business, the product line mainly includes: power conversion and power management IC (Power Conversion and Power Management IC), amplifier and driver IC (Amplifier and Driver) and discrete power There are three categories of components (Discrete Power Devices-MOSFET, IGBT). Maoda provides complete power solutions and high-performance/price ratio products to enhance the added value of customers' products, and hopes to become a major global power supply and analog product supplier. In recent years, Maoda Electronics has become the leading manufacturer of power supply analog IC design in China, adhering to "Authentic", "Novel", "Passion", "Excute", and customer-oriented ( Customer)" business philosophy, providing customers with diversified products and complete after-sales service. At present, it has achieved outstanding results in computer motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, notebook computers, and LCD screens, and continues to develop products required for applications such as digital cameras, mobile phones, communication equipment, and various consumer products, in order to achieve industrial independence. The goal of reducing import dependence.
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